Deer Food Plot!

We used the LS MT125 to till a new deer food plot for our friend. Enjoy!

The Pool We Made

Check out this video documenting the pool we build ourselves. 

Click Pic For Details of Wood Chipper

Tanja Uses the Backhoe

She tries her hand at the backhoe for the first time. She was so happy when the stump came out.

Pt 1 Rear Remotes Install Backhoe Prep LS MT240E Tractor

Episode 42, 2019: We start to install a rear remote hydraulic kit on the LS MT240E tractor in preparation for an upcoming backhoe install. Part 1 of 4

LS MT125 SCUT & Wood Chipper

LS MT125 SCUT Sub Compact Tractor & 3 PT Hitch Wood Chipper.  

Digging trench with a backhoe, Grey Water Systems for House

 In part 3 we dig a grey water systems for house (leach field) in Rod's back yard with the LS MT125 tractor and backhoe. 

LS Tractor MT240E Gets a New Box Blade

How to use a box blade. In this episode we use the new LS Tractor MT240E and the New LS Tractor 6 Foot box blade to start the dirt work for the pole barn construction.  Keep an eye out for more videos with the LS MT125 and The LS MT240E. (LS MT225E) We may build a pole barn house in the future. What do you think?

Flood Clean Up with LS Tractor MT125 (Part Two)

Episode 35, 2019: In this episode we finish moving the sand from my Sister's store down to Jim's place on the lake. 

Flood Clean Up with LS Tractor MT125 (Part One) 7 tons of s

Episode 34, 2019:  Flood Clean Up at my sister's store on Reelfoot Lake in West TN. Her store, Eagle Tree Gallery, suffered flooding get up to 4 inches of water and mud in the store.

Can You Make Money????? with a LS Tractor???? LS MT240E

Can you make money with a compact LS Tractor (Landscaping Business). In this episode I talk about a few things I learned along the way working my compact tractor part time on a few side jobs. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and your own experiences.  

After talking with my good buddy, he brought up this thought. Different areas might find other implements are needed first. A good example is a snow blower up north. Keep your area needs in mind if you are looking to make a little extra money with your tractor. A person could also go in a more focused way. An example of that is a wood chipper and stump grinder. These would be a bigger investment up front, but you could charge more. I have done a few jobs with the backhoe that did not require a contractor license. Always dial 811 before you dig! 

On another note: I was very impressed with how the new LS MT240E tractor and rotary cutter went through this deep thick grass. 

LS Tractor Subcompact MT125 and a PTO Wood Chipper????????

Episode 31, 2019: In this episode we you use the new PTO driven Wood Chipper behind the LS Tractor MT125. It worked better than I had hoped. We used the MT240HE (MT2E, MT225E) to bring the brush around. This was a practice run for when we work out on the farm. This chipper can be dangerous as you can see in the video, but with practice and attention, it will be awesome! 

BX42S PTO 4” x 10” chipper, weighs 431 pounds, 15 PTO HP minimum up to 40 HP. 

First Day of Work at the New Homestead LS MT240E

 We got a chance to work on the new homestead. Very exciting times ahead. The LS MT240E did a great job.  

New LS MT240E Tractor and New Farm

Episode 26, 2019: In this episode demo the new LS MT240E tractor on our new property. More videos coming on both! 

LS Tractor MT2E, MT225E, MT240E

LS MT125 Tractor Backhoe Digging 150 foot Trench In Rock

Come check out the LS MT125 backhoe dig a 150 ft trench through rocky soil. Best Subcompact Backhoe out there.  Click the picture!!! 

New 5 foot tiller from Rural King

Come along as  we set up a new  5 foot tiller from Rural King. Will the LS MT125 pull the 5 foot tiller. Watch and see.  

First Day of Work at the New Homestead LS MT240E

 We got a chance to work on the new homestead. Very exciting times ahead. The LS MT240E did a great job.  

LS Tractor MT125 Post Hole Auger and Subcompact Tractor

Episode 12, 2019: In this episode, I go over setting up a standard post hole digger/auger on a subcompact tractor. I hope you enjoy and please give your feed back. Thanky you for watching. Tony

LS Tractor Subcompact MT125 Post Hole Digging

Episode 11, 2019: We went over to Doc's place today. He asked me to help him put in some post around his garden with the LS MT125. This was the first time I ever used the MT125 with a post hole digger and I was a little unsure. Not to worry though, It handled it like a champ.  I am doing detailed video in the future of how to setup a post hole digger on a Subcompact tractor. It is a little different than a bigger tractor. 

Ken's "Bolt On Hooks" vs Import bolt on grab hooks

Ken at Ken's Bolt On Hooks sent me a set of hooks to review and install on my new subcompact LS Tractor MT125. Before I installed them, I had a chance to review and look at the quality and craftsmanship. I hope you enjoy the video. I will install the hooks on my next video.  I am not sponsored by Ken, but I do endorse his products.   Check out his website: