Tony's Tractor Adventure YouTube Channel Challenged TYM Tractor to demonstrate the TYM Tractors T264 tractor on our channel. They were happy to take that challenge. Watch this page as we upload new videos, pictures, and tym tractor reviews. Kubota tractor has some new competition. 

TYM T754 Utility Tractor


TYM Tractors! T754 Tractor. Come along as we explore the TYM T754. This is a perfect Utility Farm tractor for almost any situation. It is perfectly set up for hay production having enough power to work all the hay production equipment needed. 

TYM Tractor T474 Cab

We went to Smith's Enterprise in Salemburg, NC to visit Sean. He allowed us to take the TYM T474 with cab out on his property and look it over good. 

TYM T264 with 5FT Tiller

TYM Tractor T264, we put it to the test pulling a 5FT Rural King Tiller. 

TYM T264 Chipping Wood.

we put the TYM Tractor T264 to the test. We overloaded the BX42s wood chipper to see what the TYM T264 would do. #tymtractor. 

PIcking Up the TYM Tractor T264

We picked up our Demo TYM Tractor T264 from Johnson Equipment Sales In Newbern, TN 

TYM T264 Tractor at the show

This is the show where we challenged TYM Management to put a tractor on our YouTube Channel. They did so one week later. Stay tune for more. 

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